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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we’ve received many questions regarding our decorative window films.   Below we’ll list the most common questions.   Let us know if you have a question that’s not posted here!

Do you offer Free Shipping?

We ship all orders at no charge to all states in the United States.   There is a flat $49.99 international shipping fee on all orders.   ** NOTE :  Some large window film cannot be shipped internationally due to size.   We will notify you if there is a problem shipping an order to your destination.

What are your sizes you offer?

We have 3 standard sizes on MOST patterns (some directional patterns aren’t available in all sizes).

Standard sizes are :
Narrow:  18×48 inches
Standard: 26×48 inches
Large:  48×84 inches.


Can you make a custom size?

Yes!  We’re happy to do custom projects.  However, the costs of customization usually exceed the price of a standard size that would work for your project.   The base customization fee starts at $50 per order plus the cost of the film.   Customization usually only makes sense when there are multiple windows to cover in an unusual size.


Do you offer samples?

On occasion we can send samples at no charge.  Samples are meant for material reference only and we do not have the ability to send specific patterns at this time.  Just let us know if you need to see the material.


How do I clean my windows after the film is applied?

We recommending using just a damp cloth to wipe down windows. You may use light cleaner such as “METHOD” brand sprays.  Never use bleach, alcohol, or harsh cleaners.


How do I remove the window film?

Window film can simply be removed like a sticker by pulling back from one corner and removing the film.   In some instances where film has been applied for many years, using a hair dryer to soften the film while removing will speed up the process.


Is there any residue when film is removed?

No – not usually.  the film is designed to be removable without residue.  However in areas where the film has been exposed to high heat (sunny windows) or has been in place for many years, slight residue may remain.  This can be removed with rubbing alcohol.


Is the film reusable?

Only our static cling films are reusable.  Adhesive films cannot be used again after removal.


How easy is it to cut the film into unique shapes?

The film is incredibly simple to cut with scissors or a craft knife.


Is the film water resistant, can it be used in “wet areas”?

Yes!  The film can be used on shower doors, bathroom windows, etc.  We recommend installing the film on the outside of the shower glass to avoid mineral stains on the film.


Where can the film be used?

The film can be applied to any smooth glass surface including windows, shower doors, glass cabinet inserts, retail shelves, etc.