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Window Film Installation Instructions (With Images & Video)

how to install window film - process of installing window film

Step By Step Window Film Installation Instructions :

1) The first one of the Window Film Installation Instructions is Lay the roll of film pattern side up to allow the roll to relax and flatten out into a large sheet. Weighting the corners with a book or magazine will quicken the process.

2) Remove any caulk, paint or glue debris that may be stuck to the window. Clean the glass surface with a household window cleaner and dry thoroughly. It is safe using a step ladder to clean higher part of the window.

3) Our films are printed to the exact dimension specified on your order with a slight margin on all sides of unprinted space to allow for handling, trimming and aligning.  If your windows are significantly smaller than the roll size you may want to measure your windows and mark the dimensions on the face of the film with a pencil or marker.  Always add 1+ inch on every side when doing this so you have excess film to trim away from the window after positioning.

4) Peeling the film off of the backer: When you’ve cut your film down to size, you may need to use two pieces of tape and adhere to the rear and front of one corner of the film to remove the film from the backer.   Continue to lift the film from the backer until it is completely free of the liner paper.  (large pieces will require two people to make sure the film does not fold back onto itself)

5) Spray the window generously with a fine mist sprayer filled with water and a drop of dishwashing liquid (Joy, Dawn, etc).  NOTE: BE VERY LIBERAL WITH APPLICATION OF THE WATER.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH WATER SPRAYED ON THE WINDOWS, THE FILM WILL HAVE AIR BUBBLES THAT ARE DIFFICULT TO REMOVE.

6) Starting at the top of the window, adhere the top edge with your fingers, then continue to lay the film down while squeegeeing the water and bubbles from under the surface.  (hint: spraying the front of the film lightly will make the squeegee move smoother and avoid scratching).  Make sweeping movements outward from the top down and center out to remove excess water and bubbles.   Repeat these steps to remove excess water under the film or bubbles that may have developed.   When enough water has been used, you can “chase” the bubbles out to the edges with the application card.

7) Using an application card or squeegee (sold separately), work the film into the edges as tight as possible then trim excess material away with a VERY sharp knife with a new blade installed.

8)If bubbles persist, use a fine needle to pierce the bubble and the application card to force the air out through the pierced hole.

9) For several days, the film will cure and adhere to the glass fully.


Long Term Care:

Maintenance: After the film has totally dried (1-3 days), you may wash the surface of the film with a lint free cloth and soapy water.   Do not use chemical cleaners on the adhesive films as it will damage the surface.   Natural cleaners such as “Lavender Spray” by METHOD may be used sparingly if the film is soiled with dirt or grease.

NEVER APPLY FILM NEAR OPEN FLAME OR HEAT SOURCES (i.e next to burners or heating elements). Standard household radiant heating devices will not harm the film if they are installed to code and proper distances from windows.


See our window film installation instructions video: